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· My Mad Fat Diary

· The 100

· Death Comes to Pemberley

· Avatar: The Last Airbender

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· From Dusk Till Dawn

· Veronica Mars

· Pushing Daisies

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· The New Avengers

· A Song of Ice and Fire

· Hawkeye

· Too many fanfics

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· Avengers Assemble

· The Name of the Rose

· Secret Avengers

Must watch movies:

· Her

· Snowpiercer

· August Osage County

· Spider-Woman

· 21 Jump Street

· Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind

· Gravity

If you want to catch me roleplaying there's a lot of places you can go, because I am a roleplaying whore what can I say, but the most useful one is this one. There I post useful stuff and all my characters are listed so... yeah.

Holy f... fishticks;
iara | 25
odd tendency to defend the most hated characters

If anyone knows them send them my love 

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